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Thread: batters sometimes ignore hit-and-run order 13.08

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    batters sometimes ignore hit-and-run order 13.08

    My understanding of the difference between hit-and-run and run-and-hit is that the former one has the batter swing no matter what (in order to protect the runner on first by making the catcher pause before throwing to second), while the latter one gives the batter the choice of swinging while the runner attempts a steal.

    Most of the time, hit-and-run works this way, but about 1/8 or so of the time, the batter watches a strike come right down the middle, and then the runner gets caught stealing second. I would have just picked run-and-hit if I wanted to risk that happening.

    What I usually do is if the runner is fast, use run-and-hit since he has a good chance of stealing anyway. And if the runner is slow, I use hit-and-run because I don't want a double-play. I pretty much never use a vanilla play with a runner on first because that's asking for a double-play.

    But this bug is pretty annoying. I've lost a few games because of it.

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    Re: batters sometimes ignore hit-and-run order 13.08

    The hit and run option is in general way to easy to execute in this game, even with players sometimes not swinging. I think that balances out how effective hit-and-run is at letting the runner get to 2nd without much downside at all. This tendency for the batter to sometimes not swing (think of it as a missed sign) is the one thing that balances this out in my opinion. So I just take it as a missed sign or the batter swung and missed (which very rarely happens on hit-and-run)

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