Please take a moment to welcome Connor Milliken (cmilliken) to the Sports Mogul forums. Connor was an intern for us last summer, helping us with player data, QA, analyzing player trades, and beginning to help me make sense of MLB roster and contracts rules. Connor just graduated from Daniel Webster College with a degree in "Game Design and Development", where he was a left-handed relief specialist for the Daniel Webster Eagles. So ... if you see the ratings skyrocket for all the LOOGYs, you can blame him.

Most importantly, we've worked with Connor before, so we know that he can, at the very least:
1) Lead the stat and roster updates for Football Mogul, so that I don't have to worry about it.
2) Greatly improve Baseball Mogul's rosters next year (compared to this year).

Anyway, his job title is "Game Designer", but his job description is to deal with anything that I don't have time for, which includes reading and prioritizing bug reports on these forums. I'm still here, but you will see his name more as he settles in.