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Thread: Unofficial Patch: Version 19.08

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    Unofficial Patch: Version 19.08

    The current official patch is Version 19.05, which you can currently download here:

    This unofficial patch (19.08) includes four changes since Version 19.05:

    1) Version 19.06 added a button under 'Advanced Tools' (on the Tools Menu) called "Calculate Endurance Ratings". This button is about halfway down on the left-hand side. Clicking this will recalculate every pitcher's 'Endurance' rating from their current statistics. This is useful if your Endurance ratings were corrupted when loading a saved game into Version 19.04. (You shouldn't need to use this button if you resume a game saved with any version other than 19.04).

    Note: "Calculate Endurance Ratings" doesn't affect players in your amateur draft pool (because they have no statistics from which to calculate an accurate 'Endurance' rating). Therefore, if the 'Endurance' ratings in your Amateur Draft Pool have been corrupted, you should open "Player Settings" from the League Menu and then click the "Repopulate Draft Pool" button.

    2) Version 19.07 fixed an overflow bug that was corrupting some historical roster ratings. For example, if you started a new game in 1993 with Version 19.06, Carlos Delgado (at age 20) would be rated something like '62/78' and Jack Morris would have an 'Endurance' of 10. In Version 19.07, Delgado will now be more like '74/89' and Jack Morris will have an 'Endurance' of 90+.

    3) Version 19.08 fixed a bug with some box scores showing the wrong name for a pitching line (usually for a relief pitcher).

    4) Version 19.08 also fixed a bug causing the computer to sometimes re-sort your lineup during Spring Training.

    To install this version:

    1) Download the attached file "" to your desktop.
    2) Double-click the attached file to unzip it.
    3) Open your Baseball Mogul 2016 folder (by choosing 'Open Game Folder' from the Help Menu)
    4) Close Baseball Mogul 2016.
    5) Copy the unzipped file ("BB-2016.exe") to your Baseball Mogul 2016 folder (e.g. "C:\Sports Mogul\Baseball Mogul 2016\")
    6) Approve any requests to copy over existing files.
    7) Run the game normally using any previously installed shortcuts.

    (The above assumes that you installed Baseball Mogul 2016 to the default directory).

    To fix a saved game file with corrupted 'Endurance' ratings:

    1) Open 'Advanced Tools' from the Tools Menu.
    2) Click the 'Calculate Endurance Ratings' button.
    3) Leave 'Advanced Tools'.

    (If necessary...)
    4) Open 'Player Settings' from the League Menu.
    5) Click the 'Repopulate Draft Pool' button.

    Please send your feedback on this patch to


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    Clay Dreslough, Sports Mogul Inc.
    cjd at sportsmogul dot com / blog / twitter

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